Courtney Luk


Welcome to the official website for author and editor, Courtney Luk! I'm currently taking editing requests. Follow me everywhere, too.


Cultivated by experience and interpretation, the imagination is a world unique to the individual. It’s the inner workings of the mind collaborating with passion from the heart.

Courtney Luk
Professional Reader

Welcome to the official website for young adult author and poet, Courtney Luk!

Currently, I am working on my third young adult novel, shopping around my previous one, and revising my first chapbook.

I hope to inspire the youth to read and engage their imaginations to create a new reality based on love for everyone. My poetry is a compilation of my past and present as it rests in my mind and now in those of my readers. I also write non-fiction blogs as another way to spread my story and advocacy. I received my MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults MFA from The New School in New York City.

I advocate for human rights, that is rights for ALL people—youth, POC, LGBTQ+, women, people with mental illness, and other marginalized groups. This bleeds into all forms of my writing, of which you can explore snippets on here and all over the Cyberverse.