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Admission Essays and Personal Statements

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Admission Essays and Personal Statements

Below you will find editing services that I offer for undergraduate and graduate admission essays and personal statements and their respective rates. I provide feedback using Microsoft Word, including Track Changes.

Please note that authors make final determination regarding their pieces and are responsible for their work. Seeing as we’re not the same person, you may disagree with my comments, though as an editor, I have writers’ best interests in mind. What you do with your piece is entirely up to you, as the piece is your own.

I do NOT edit essays or any work to be submitted for high school or college credit!

To request an editing service, please fill out the form linked at the bottom of this page. Flat rates are based on page count and type of service.

Requests must include type of essay, essay question, page count (12 pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced), and editing service desired.


You will receive feedback in the form of marginal comments and/or a separate Word document that discusses the following:
– Adherence to question
– Organization and flow
– Generation of ideas
– Focus
– Clarity

Flat rates:
1-3 pages: $15
4-6 pages: $25
More than 6 pages: $35

Line Editing

This includes corrections made directly on the manuscript using Track Changes so authors may accept or reject changes. With this method of editing, I look at the following:
– Grammar and syntax
– Sentence structure
– Spelling
– Word choice
– Punctuation
– Spacing and layout

Flat rates:
1-3 pages: $20
4-6 pages: $30
More than 6 pages: $40

Critique and Line Editing

This includes both a critique of the essay and line edits.

Flat rates:
1-3 pages: $30
4-6 pages: $45
More than 6 pages: $60

Subsequent Drafts and Returning Customers

After revisions have been made, customers can receive discount rates for submitting the same essay(s) for the same service.

Second drafts – 25% off
Beyond second drafts – 40% off

Returning customers who are submitting a new essay from previous services also receive discount rates.

Returning Customer Rate: 25% off


* All work is protected and will not be distributed or released in any form outside of this service.
* Services do not guarantee acceptance into outside programs.
* Please read my Terms of Service before submitting a request.
* All payments for essay editing are non-refundable.
* Payments are made via Venmo to courtneyluk.

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