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I’m fortunate to have Courtney as my editor. In a fantastical realm, the rules and vocabulary aren’t always clear, but with Courtney’s assistance, she has helped bring precision and detail where needed and developed my ideas to bring my vision to life. Working with Courtney has been seamless. Her edits are clean, her feedback invaluable, and she’s a dedicated and hardworking artist who can bring anyone’s work to fruition. I highly recommend her editing services.

—Thomas Ferlic, epic fantasy novel


“Courtney’s attention to detail, combined with her ability to see the big picture, such as the theme and plot, has improved my writing and storytelling tremendously. Her feedback helped me put the final polish on my first manuscript that brought the clarity it so badly needed. I look forward to working with her on future projects.”
—Jeff Walzer, middle-grade chapter book


“Choosing to have Courtney Luk edit my personal narrative and supplemental responses was one of the smartest moves I made during my application process. Being a science major, writing was never my strong suit; therefore, it was relieving to have a set of eyes skilled in noting grammatical errors as well as areas of improvement and expansion. Her edits were clear to read, as they were situated on the side of the Word document. I was also pleased with how fast Courtney had responded to my request. Overall, Courtney did an amazing job and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone applying to higher education and looking to construct stellar essays.”
—Jessica Chen, personal statement


“As a first time author and someone whose English is a third language, I needed help. I was very fortunate to meet and work with Courtney Luk. I self-published two novels, The Treasure Of Sanssouci Park and Love Affair in B Minor. The manuscripts were filled with foreign places, dates, names and classical music descriptions. Courtney successfully proofread, cross-checked and organized my thoughts without changing my stories. She helped me with the publishers, and as a result of her excellent editing, hard work and exceptional eye for proofreading, my novels received Gold Seals from the publisher and good positive reviews from the US Book Review. Courtney is a true artist, easy to work with and is second to none.”
—Sergei Miro, historical fiction novels


“I have worked with Courtney on several pieces in recent months. My experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. She possesses the rare gift of impeccable editorial skills combined with respect for authorial style. With her guidance, my writing has taken on a more vivid and engaging character, while still remaining true to my own voice. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
—Steven Abrams, non-fiction short story